Ladies Turkey Shoot at Orange Gun Club

Contact: Missi Eaton, Chief of Staff

Contact Info: or 978-249-9875


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The Lee Committee is sponsoring a Ladies Turkey Shoot at the Orange Gun Club on Saturday November 16 at 10 AM.  During her previous campaign Susannah Whipps Lee hosted several “Second Amendment Saturday” events.   She said “I find this a great way to get sportsmen and women together, as well as people who are interested and want to give the shooting sports a try.” 

Participants will be able to try their hand at trap shooting and pistol shooting.  Several gift certificates for fresh turkeys from Adams Farm in Athol will be given to ladies who hit special targets on the trap or pistol range.  There are several other prizes as well.  Although shooters are welcome to bring their own equipment, the Lee Committee will provide guns and ammunition for anyone who needs them.  Beginners are welcome!  We have a great team of long time shooters, certified instructors and range officers to provide a fun and safe experience for all participants.  There is no charge.

Lee is a regular at Orange Gun Club for their Sunday morning trap shoots.  “I love going to the club on Sundays”, said Lee “The people are nice and very welcoming, especially to new shooters.  One of the things I enjoy most is the diverse group who participate.  We have several young people who shoot right next to some folks who have been at this for decades.  There are a few father/daughter pairs who come shooting together which reminds me of my first shooting lesson with my dad over 30 years ago.” 

Susannah is committed to protecting the Second Amendment rights of all people in the district, whether they be hunters, shooting sport participants or legal gun owners of any sort.  "I look forward to speaking with residents of the Second Franklin District regarding gun rights or any other topics that concern them.  This event will be fun, educational and an excellent opportunity to get to know each other. Please join us." Lee said.  For more information you may or call Missi Eaton at 978-249-9875





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