July 07, 2014
Contact: Missi Eaton

Press Release Endorsements



Susannah Whipps Lee released today an impressive list of endorsements from key Republican elected officials and party leadership. Included in this list are the following:

Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis
State Senator Donald Humason, Jr.
Rep. Brad Jones - House Minority Leader
Rep. George Peterson - Assistant Minority Leader
Rep. Brad Hill - 2nd Assistant Minority Leader
Rep. Elizabeth Poirier - 3rd Assistant Minority Leader
Rep. Kimberly Ferguson
Rep. Jay Barrows
Rep. Matthew Beaton
Rep. Nicholas Boldyga
Rep. Paul Frost
Rep. Todd Smola

Ms Lee said, "I'm so grateful to these political leaders for their support. It's clear that the leadership of the House of Representatives has spoken, and that they know I am the most qualified candidate to represent the people of the Second Franklin District. My message has been and will continue to be one of job creation, transparency in government and increased municipal aid for our communities.”

“This area needs quality jobs. My resume displays a successful history of job creation. Ofall of the candidates running in the Second Franklin District, I am the only one with first-hand experience with the excessive taxes, burdens and regulations placed on small business in Massachusetts.”

"In addition to being a local business owner, I have served on the Board of Selectmen in Athol for 8 years. Our region has been hit hard during the recent recession. Despite decreasing property values and extreme cuts to our local aid, we have improved our ailing schools and invested funds in our sewer & water infrastructure. We have built a transfer station, police station, senior center and new library. The voters of Athol have overwhelmingly voted to invest in our community, and they have been repaid with a new grocery store and mall at the site known by locals as the old "Poor Farm." continued Whipps Lee.

"Market Basket chooses communities based on indices of community growth, and chose us for that reason. Together, the residents of the Town of Athol, the Market Basket family and other private investors are planting the seeds of economic resurgence at the site of an old "poor farm”. The irony is magnificent and the reality has garnered me the support I'm reporting today.” 




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