August 05, 2014
Contact: Chip Jones


Andrews Votes in Favor of Less Strict Heroin Sentences

In a move her Republican opponent refers to as "epic blindness to local concerns", State Representative Denise Andrews was the sole vote to sustain the veto of H4001, a bill designed to increase the sanction for heroin convictions from 20 to 30 years. In effect, Rep. Andrews vote would have maintained the existing ineffective level of sanction for the most explosive and damaging social problem in the 2nd Franklin District.

"Where does my opponent spend her time? Certainly not on Main Street in Athol or Orange. Certainly not in Baldwinville. The illegal use of opiates is epidemic in our area and only getting worse." stated Susannah Whipps Lee, Republican candidate for State Representative in the 2nd Franklin District. "This is further proof of Ms Andrews’ epic blindness to local concerns."

"No one, from the police departments to the social service agencies, from the cops on the beat to the firefighters who have to rush to saves the lives of those who have overdosed, can turn a blind eye on this problem. Just this morning Athol’s deputy fire chief advised me there were numerous overdoses in the area this weekend." continued Whipps Lee. "This is the newest and most deadly iteration of the social ills that have been spawned by generational unemployment and hopelesness."

"If this doesn't point to the need for new representation, what does?" asked Whipps Lee. "This sort of epic insensitivity only makes me want to increase my efforts to get elected. This is just unacceptable."




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