September 10, 2014
Contact: Chip Jones

Gas Tax repeal


Republican Nominee Susannah Whipps Lee Endorses Gas Tax Initiative


Wasting no time, primary victor Susannah Whipps Lee has reaffirmed her endorsement for the Tank the Gas Tax ballot initiative. "I want everyone to know that, in spite of a radical splinter group's endorsement of my primary opponent, I stand firm against the indexing of the gas tax with the fine people who started this initiative." stated Lee. "This is another instance when Beacon Hill has decided to balance a budget bloated with waste, fraud, abuse and duplication on the backs of people in my district."


"In contrast, my opponent, Denise Andrews voted in favor of this bill and accepted 'per diem' payments as a legislator to offset her expenses commuting to work. Her constituents just paid more out of their pockets for their own gas and paid for hers!" Lee continued.


"For both petitions my campaign team and I stood out and collected signatures. We took no political credit because this issue stands alone, in sharp contrast to the needs of rural voters and citizens." concluded Lee. "I want there to be no confusion about my personal position about taxes of this nature. In my world, every bill will be read, every line item questioned, and every cent debated and voted on long before a single of my constituents pays a dime!"




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