Gas Tax

Dear Editor,


Many activists locally and across the state have been working for two months gathering signatures to repeal the new gas tax, which has been linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).   This means that the tax will go up with the CPI.  Our legislators will never have to vote to increase our gas tax, it will just happen automatically.   If the CPI drops, the tax remains.  It only increases and never decreases.   If the proper number of signatures is obtained, this matter will be brought to the voters in November 2014.   Please help us have our voice heard.

Increases in gasoline prices affect working families, especially in this region as most of us have to travel to work.   Increases in gasoline prices will be reflected in groceries, and other goods as surcharges will increase with the cost of gasoline.   Local small businesses will pay more for delivery of raw materials and shipment of finished product, affecting their bottom line and their ability to grow.  

We vote for legislators to represent us.   Voting a tax that will automatically increase removes all accountability from those who are paid to represent us.   Please email to find a place to sign the repeal petition or look for people in downtown Athol on Saturday November 9th.   The November 20th  deadline for gathering signatures is fast approaching.  Please help if you can.


Susannah Whipps Lee

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