June 30, 2014
Contact: Team Susie

Response to Incumbent's Refusal to Read Budget Bill


On Beacon Hill Monday, incumbent State Representative of the Second Franklin District Denise Andrews made clear her passivity as Representative when she declared she had not and will not read the State Budget for FY15 she has already moved to support.

"Today my democratic opponent took to the House floor to declare her continued loyalty to the Beacon Hill establishment rather than to her constituency. Andrews said she “hadn’t read the budget and (she) won’t”, said Susannah Whipps Lee, Candidate for State Representative from Athol, Massachusetts.

Whipps Lee obtained written transcripts of the June 30, 2014 House minutes from the public website Statehouse News.

“Ms. Andrews stated (in the transcript) that she held her faith in the Democratic leadership”, said Whipps Lee. “The purpose of representation is to ensure that every bill, every word of every budget is reviewed personally to guarantee the fiscal accountability, transparency, and efficiency of our State government is “checked” and “balanced”. The idea of our current Representative voting blindly on a fiscal 2015 budget she has not reviewed is not only unprofessional, but it doesn’t represent the desire of the tax paying community for a real voice!”

"I hold my faith in the residents of the Second Franklin District, who fight and scrape to make it day to day in this turbulent economic climate. I vow to read every bill, whether it is 500 pages or 5,000 pages. I will ensure that no budget, no spending bill is ever passed without debate. That is the job of a representative of the people—to be seen and heard—and to do the due diligence of the Office they have been elected to keep with great care. It’s the People’s office, and they deserve better.”





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